People’s Court Daily: SIPC Draws a “Development Roadmap” for the Next Three Years

April 12, 2019, People’s Court Daily, 1st Edition

SHANGHAI, April 11 (Reporter Yan Jianyi, Correspondent Chen Yingying) This morning, Shanghai Intellectual Property Court held a press conference to issue the Implementation Opinions on Building a World-class Intellectual Property Court (2019-2021), stating its positioning in the next three years as “professional, intelligent, international, authoritative, and influential.” The court will strive to catch up with the top standards and the best level across the world, become a domestic and even global leading court that is specialized in protecting intellectual property rights, and provide better judicial services for and guarantee the implementation of national strategies and Shanghai’s overall economic and social development.

According to the Implementation Opinions, revolving around this long-term goal of building a world-class intellectual property court, SIPC will strive to become more professional, intelligent, international, authoritative and influential. It will try to become an intellectual property court where fair and professional trials are guaranteed, a court featuring innovative trial mechanisms, intelligent ways of doing judicial work, open judicial development and a galaxy of trial professionals. 30 specific tasks are provided to ensure the smooth progress of these tasks and the final realization of the goal.

It is reported that since its establishment, SIPC has played an active role in serving the Party and the State by formulating 26 opinions on serving and guaranteeing the construction of the Technological Innovation Center, 12 opinions on serving and guaranteeing the construction of the International Trade Hub, 25 opinions on serving and guaranteeing the construction of the business environment and 15 opinions on serving and guaranteeing China International Import Expo.

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