[www.chinacourt.org] SIPC “Judge Ling Song’s Studio” Launched to Provide Strong Support for the Construction of the FTZ and the Science and Technology Center

April 19, 2019, www.chinacourt.org

www.chinacourt.org(Yan Jianyi, Chen Yingying) On April 18, Shanghai Intellectual Property Court (SIPC) launched “Judge Ling Song’s Studio” at the China (Pudong) Intellectual Property Protection Center, aiming to give full play to the functional advantages of both the judiciary and the administration and jointly enhance the level of intellectual property rights protection.

It is telling that “Judge Ling Song’s Studio” will be based in Pudong and cover the whole city. It will work with China (Pudong) Intellectual Property Protection Center to provide stronger IP-related legal services and protection to the high-tech industry represented by high-end equipment manufacturing and bio-medicine. In the future, the studio will know better and respond actively to the legal demands of enterprises in stimulating innovation and protecting intellectual property rights by providing trial tour, litigation guidance, training consultancies, legal publicity and seminars, striving to become an effective platform for the interface between the judiciary and the science and technology industry.


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