First Video Conference Held Between SIPC and the Boards of Appeal of EUIPO

On the afternoon of March 29 (morning of March 29 local time in Spain), at the invitation of Mr. Théophile Margelllos, President of the Boards of Appeal of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Shanghai Intellectual Property Court (“SIPC”) attended a video conference to discuss with them the judicial protection of intellectual property rights. President Théophile Margelllos, Sven Stürmann, President of the 2nd Board of Appeal, and Gordon Humphreys, President of the 5th Board of Appeal were in Spain,; and Li Shulan, Vice President of SIPC, Chen Huizhen, a full-time member of the Adjudgement Committee, and Ling Song, Chief of No.1 Intellectual Property Tribunal were in Shanghai, China. This is also the first time that SIPC has conducted judicial exchanges with EU organizations by means of video conference.

Ms. Li Shulan and Mr. Théophile Margelllos delivered speeches expressing their expectations and prospects for this video conference. The two sides exchanged views on the legal system and the protection system of the EU and China in the protection of intellectual property rights. Mr. Théophile Margelllos explained the relationship between the Boards of Appeal of EUIPO, the European Patent Office and the European Union Court of Justice. Judge Chen Huizhen introduced the judicial protection system and development of intellectual property rights in China and answered questions about the relationship between the Intellectual Property Court and the IP Tribunal of the Supreme People’s Court, and the relationship between the Intellectual Property Court and the Internet Court. The two sides also briefed each other on the quality and efficiency management of the cases concerning intellectual property rights, and discussed topics such as mediation mechanisms, trial procedures, intelligent trials, and the jurisdiction of specialized courts.

During the video conference, Mr. Théophile Margelllos once again praised SIPC for the achievements it has made in protecting intellectual property rights, saying that the experience of SIPC is something that the Boards of Appeal of the EUIPO can draw on, and he hoped to see more exchanges between the two sides in the future. Ms. Li Shulan said that it was a great opportunity for the two sides to share their experience and latest progress in intellectual property rights protection, which is of significance for both sides to improve the protection of intellectual property rights.


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