Judge Chen Huizhen’s StudioLectured on Intellectual Property Law Practices at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Recently, Judge Chen Huizhen’s Studio participated in the Party day activity themed “IP protection in the application of scientific and technological advances” organized by the First Party Branch of the Department of Electrical Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University at invitation, and gave lectures on intellectual property. Judge Chen Huizhen, a full-time member of the Judicial Committee of the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, Judge Du Lingyan, and Judge Assistant Qin Tianning joined in the activity.

Members of Judge Chen Huizhen’s Studio first visited the school history museum in the company of the faculty and staff of the Party branch, and listened to the introduction of Mr. Zhu Miao, Secretary of the general Party branch of the Department of Electrical Engineering, on the brief history of the school and teaching and research achievements. Subsequently, Judge Chen Huizhen, combining legal provisions and judicial practices, lectured in simple terms on intellectual property law practices with “intellectual property protection in the transformation of teachers’ and researchers’ theses and patented achievements” as the title. After that, the judges had a discussion and exchange with the faculty and staff to clarify their concerns about intellectual property related legal issues. The participating faculty and staff thanked Judge Chen Huizhen’s Studio for taking part in this thematic Party day activity, and expressed that the judges’ meticulous, thorough and targeted legal lectures made everyone fully aware of the importance of abiding by law and making agreements according to law and bolstered the confidence of technicians in the field of electrical engineering to carry out scientific researches and innovate further.

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