Yang Wei: Tribunal Directors at Shanghai Intellectual Property Court

Yang Wei: Female, born in April 1969, member of the Communist Party of China, Master of Law. She started to work on intellectual property trials since 2008, and won several awards for individuals in the court system of Shanghai. Some cases she tried are included in Gazette of the Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China, Top 50 Cases for Intellectual Property in the High Court, Top 10 Cases for Intellectual Property in the High Court of Shanghai, and Top 10 Classic Cases in the High Court of Shanghai, and her judgment documents in excellent ones in courts of Shanghai. Several cases she tried are incorporated in Choice Cases for Intellectual Property and Choice Cases in Courts of Shanghai. She also published several research papers. Some papers she wrote won the third prize in the National Academic Seminar on Court System and for Academic Papers in Courts of Shanghai. Some papers she participated in writing won the outstanding award for Topic Research in Courts of Shanghai.

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